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Variable Frequency Drives

As with all permanent magnet motors, NovaTorque motors require electronic commutation and cannot be run off the mains AC power supply as induction motors may be. A variable frequency drive (VFD) is required. Drives may be purchased directly from their manufacturer and/or its sales channels or from NovaTorque.

Specific VFD Features Required

While most major VFD manufacturers have introduced Permanent Magnet (PM) motor support, not all models include this.  Additionally, some VFD models that do support PM motors may require a firmware upgrade in order to fully optimize NovaTorque motor performance. A list of compatible drives is included below. Contact NovaTorque Applications Engineering for details on VFD compatibility and parameter setup.

How does a VFD work?

A VFD receives the AC power supply from the AC mains source and outputs a modulated power signal to the NovaTorque motor in a wave pattern known as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). This power signal provides both speed control and electronic commutation.

Benefits of VFD Control

In addition to providing the commutation, Variable Frequency Drives allows the motor to be operated at the speed best suited to the application.  

Importantly, in variable torque applications, such as fans and blowers, the potential energy savings achieved by varying the speed to match the required airflow is substantial. Because the power consumption of a fan motor is proportional to the square of the operating speed, reducing the speed of the motor significantly reduces the power draw.

The VFD also provides all the benefits of a soft-start system and more. User-defined ramps allow smooth and efficient acceleration and deceleration zones without the harmful inrush currents and wear and tear on the mechanical equipment that are experienced in line-fed motors.

Drive Sizing for NovaTorque Motors

The optimum drive-motor pairing will be achieved by matching the motor's current (amp) requirement to the maximum rated current output of the drive. For a standard-duty motor, the motor's current requirement is that reported on the nameplate. For applications where the motor may be operated outside the nameplate rated range, contact NovaTorque Applications Engineering for drive sizing assistance.

Some drives may list a HP designation on their nameplate. This is derived from the output horsepower rating of a standard-duty induction motor whose current rating matches the drive's output current. Since the electrical characteristics of a NovaTorque motor differ significantly from those of induction motors, the HP rating on such drives may not match that of the NovaTorque motor it is paired with.

Drive Tuning

NovaTorque both conducts extensive in-house testing and collaborates closely with partner drive companies to ensure trouble-free pairing of the NovaTorque motor with compatible VFDs. Whether VFDs are sourced directly from their manufacturer or purchased through NovaTorque, NovaTorque takes responsibility for delivering customized parameter sets that guarantee superb motor system performance. Contact NovaTorque Applications Engineering for details.
NovaTorque Compatible VFDs

Note: The above is not an exhaustive list. Additional drive manufacturers and models are continuously being evaluated. Contact NovaTorque Applications for questions on other makes and models.

Drive Manufacturer:     ABB
Drive Model:     ACS355
More Info:   ABB ACS355 Website

Drive Manufacturer:     Fuji Electric Co.
Drive Model:     FRENIC-Multi
More Info:    Fuji Multi Website

Drive Manufacturer:     Hitachi
Drive Model:    WJ200
More Info:    Hitachi WJ200 Website

Drive Manufacturer:     Mitsubishi Electric Automation
Drive Model:    FR-F700PJ
More Info:    Mitsubishi F700PJ Website

Drive Manufacturer:     Yaskawa Electric
Drive Model:    V1000
More Info:    Yaskawa V1000 Website

Drive Manufacturer: Danfoss
Drive Model: HVAC VLT
More Info:  Danfoss HVAC VLT Website

Drive Manufacturer: Delta
Drive Model: C2000
More Info:  Delta C2000 Website

Drive Manufacturer: HUNTAIR®
Drive Model: FANWALL® VFD
More Info:  HUNTAIR® FANWALL® VFD Website

Drive Manufacturer: Schneider
Drive Model: ATV32
More Info:  Schneider ATV32 Website

Drive Manufacturer: Siemens
Drive Model: Sinamics
More Info:  Siemens Sinamics Website

Drive Manufacturer: Toshiba
Drive Model: VF-S15
More Info:  Toshiba VF-S15 Website

Drive Manufacturer: Vacon
Drive Model: Vacon20
More Info:  Vacon Vacon20 Website

Note: The above is not an exhaustive list. Additional drive manufacturers and models are continuously being evaluated. Contact NovaTorque Applications for questions on other makes and models.

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