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White Papers & Technical Articles

White Papers

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Field Test Report (May 2014)

Achieving High Electric Motor Efficiency

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Bench Test Report (August 2013)

Technical Articles

Variable frequency drive configuration, high-efficiency operation, and permanent magnet motors (Consulting -Specifying Engineer)
Learn more on the importance of properly configuring variable frequency drives for PMAC motors for optimal system performance and desired energy savings.

Innovation Keeps Motors Humming (Control Design Magazine)
This article discusses how machine designers and builders are striving to find new methods and materials in the quest for their competitive advantage.

Energy Efficiency by the Numbers (Plant Services Magazine)
This article discusses how legislative and rare-earth-metal pressures are adding up to long-term savings for motor users.

Controlling Comfort and Cost (Distributed Energy Magazine)
This article addresses how HVAC and energy efficiency are combining to reduce energy bills and improve indoor environments.

Achieving High Electric Motor Efficiency (Power Transmission Engineering magazine)
This article goes in-depth to explain how permanent magnet (PM) motors made with ferrite magnets can significantly exceed the current NEMA Premium and IE3 efficiency standards, and even the proposed future IE4 motor efficiency standards, while still being highly cost-effective in the marketplace.

How's Your Motor IQ? (Machine Design magazine)
This article provides a technical overview of AC induction motors, DC brush motors, brushless PM motors, standard axial PM motors, NovaTorque-style axial PM motors, switched reluctance motors, stepper motors and in-hub wheel motors.

How to Push Motor Efficiency (Control Design magazine)
Have induction motors reached the end of their efficiency? This article provides diverse perspectives from various industry sources.

Motor Designs Mitigate High Neodymium Prices (Motion Control Association)
This article considers alternative motor design techniques that deliver effective and economical systems.

Motor Designs Focus on Energy Efficiency (Control Engineering magazine)
Of the total cost of ownership of an electric motor in an industrial or commercial application, 98% is the cost of powering the motor over its lifetime. This article focuses on the importance of energy efficiency in the purchase decision.

No End in Sight for Motor Efficiency Gains (Energy Efficiency & Technology magazine)
Many engineers look at NEMA Premium grade as the gold standard for induction motor efficiency. This article addresses technical innovations that make possible even more power-miserly designs.


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